If you’re new to racing or thinking about getting involved in racing, we’re here to help. Many of our race drivers have come up from karting, track days or just fancied trying out car racing.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a simple guide. We can assist with each of these steps and provide training and tuition to see your way to your first race.

Step one: Apply for a Race License

If you don’t already hold a race license, then you’ll need to apply for a RACE NATIONAL Club

Start by applying for the ‘Go Racing Pack‘ from the MSUK. Fill out the application and then book your test at your local track or we can arrange for you

Step 1.2: Do your homework

Learn about basic car handling techniques at Driver61’s Driver University.

Driver 61 University

Step two: Pick a suitable race series to enter

We offer arrive & drive packages for a multitude of Championships including Civic Cup, Mini Challenge and Kuhmo BMW/MINI

Step three: Obtain a car to race

You can either provide your own car and we can run it for you on test days and race weekends or you can choose to drive in one of our race cars. We will supply everything you need for the race weekend so you can simply turn up and drive.
In either case, we can taylor a package to suit your budget and needs.
You don’t have to sign up for an entire season, you can be a guest driver for a single round to see how you enjoy it.