We offer a range of Motorsport based services. Preparation work is typically completed in our huge 11,000 ft2 workshop in Norfolk by our dedicated AReeve Motorsport team.

Track day and test day services are available at any of the UK’s race tracks. We’re just down the road from Snetterton so regually hold taster days and test sessions there.

Race day support in the MINI CHALLENGE is available at all rounds.


Driver development and coaching

Winning races isn’t just about the car. If you’re new to track days or racing and want some professional driver coaching, we work with some of the top driver coaches that helped us win multiple championships!

Owner Driver Race / Track support

If you have your own car and would like a professional race team to support you we can help. From race car transportation, one to one driver training to race engineers, we’ll look after your car so you can enjoy your race!

Arrive and drive packages

We have a full range of racing Minis and if you would like to see what its like to drive a full on race car, we can provide you with that experience!

Track day experiences

Would you like to come out in a racing car on one of the UKs famous race circuits?

We can tailor a package to your requirements, including:

  • Drive the race car
  • Fast passenger rides
  • Meet and greet the drivers and team
  • Instructed laps

You don’t need a Race licence and you can find out about how to get into racing.

Lunch is included and you’ll recieve a Certificate for attending.

You’ll also be given a Free ticket to a MINI CHALLENGE race day to see the cars in action on the track!


Engine rebuilds and re-mapping

Is your engine not performing as it should? We can perform full engine rebuilds, engine upgrades or performance mapping simply to get every last BHP out of your engine!

Gearbox rebuilds

If you’re having problems with your race or track car, we can perform repairs and rebuilds on all gearboxes.

Suspension and handling setups

It’s not simply about buying good springs, we can advise, install and set up your car so it handles on the track and provides you the confidence to push ever harder. From corner weights to camber adjustment, we will work with you to perfect your car’s setup.

We can also provide support on track and test days to improve your cars handling on track.

Track and race preperation

We build race cars to win! Perhaps you have a car but you need to meet the MSA requirements or you would simply like to to perform better on track days. We offer everything you need to get your car track ready, from roll cages, race seats to full track preparation.


Fitting a limited slip differential is a great way to improve your track or race cars performance. We can supply and install replacement differentials for all vehicles.