Our team of experienced mechanics are the key to ensuring we continue to succeed. With an ever growing list of cars and drivers to support, we rely on a number of race weekend personel to assist with the already strong team.


Team owner, manager, driver, Data engineer and mechanic, Aaron does the lot. Aaron is one of the most committed people you’ll meet yet he keeps his cool even in the stress of a race weekend. In addition to the Motosport team, Aaron also runs Areeve Performance which has grown to a level to allow it to grow into Motorsport.

A ex-racer who spends any spare time on 2 & 4 wheels on and off circuit

Glen Copeland

Glen joined the team in 2019 having been management in the performance car industry for many years.  Glen brings lots of experience including racing himself in various tintop championships

Main role: Workshop preparation & Management


Brian supervises the team during race weekends. Brian has a huge amount of experience, having been in motorsport for many years. He’s worked in various areas including marshaling, recovery and race car support. Brian also transports the race cars to the circuits for race weekends.


James is a assistant on race weekends having previously worked for AReeve Performance. James takes the role of a spare hand in the workshop and helps out where needed.


Ady loves pies..


Perry has been working with AReeve for a number of years and works on the race cars in the workshop between race weekends. Perry has a huge amount of experience and exceptional technical ability. He has a long background in-vehicle services having served as an apprentice alongside Aaron.

Perry is a perfectionist which makes him ideal for engine rebuilds and gearboxes. Perry always has to have a clean working environment and insists everything is carefully organized.