Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned race driver, we have a car and class to suit you, as well as your budget.

MINI CHALLENGE has four different classes, from Cooper Amature for begineers, to the prestigious JCW Class, a scaled down touring car for a quarter of the price.

Take a look through the classes below and contact us to find out how to become involved.


The latest GEN 3 MINI is arguably be the nearest thing to a Touring Car you can buy, but at a fraction of the budget. Each car is built by MINI CHALLENGE from the ground up to be a full race car and every car is identical. With a full grid at most races, it makes for some thrilling racing.

  • 255 Bhp 2.0 Turbocharged engine
  • Quaife sequential gearbox
  • 3 way adjustable Nitron dampers
  • Dunlop Slick & Wet tyres


The Open class is perfect for drivers that already have a racing MINI that want to join the MINI CHALLENGE.

Open Class MINI’s include: Ex CHALLENGE R53 & R56 variants, European specification cars, Track Day Trophy MINIs and SUPER COOPER Cup Cars.

The class is managed by power to weight and is limited to 180 per ton, meaning that equality can be achieved and maintained without excessive engine costs.

  • Supercharged or Turbocharged MINIs
  • 180bhp per tonne
  • Dunlop Direzza and wet tyres.
  • Low cost exciting racing


The Cooper classes are divded into two seperate classes, Amateur and Pro. Both classes use a 135Bhp 1.6lt normally aspirated engine, with the pro class employing sticky slick Dunlop tyres and single way adjustable AST dampers.

The Pro class also use the ultra reliable 6 speed Cooper S BKD gearbox which is mated with a competition clutch.


  • 135Bhp Engine
  • Slick and Wet Dunlop tyres
  • Single way AST dampers
  • 6 Speed Cooper S BKD Gearbox
  • Competition Clutch


The Cooper Amateur class is ideal for drivers starting out in their racing career, it’s low budget approach and close racing provides a perfect platform for developing race craft. The Cooper Am cars use the same 135Bhp Engine as the Pro class but with the minimum weight increased by 30kg.

The regulations allow the use of any single way adjustable damper, to enable cars used on trackdays to transition to a competitive environment at minimal cost. Treaded tyres and sensible transmission regulations also help to reduce budgets, whilst the specification allows competitors to cost effectively upgrade their cars to Cooper Pro spec after a season or two racing.

  • 135Bhp Engine
  • Any single way adjustable damper allowed
  • Treaded tyres
  • Ideal for trackday cars
  • Perfect for beginners